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Online Module

Materials Testing: Speedy Moisture Test

The above resource and more can be accessed by visiting the TLN Learning Management System (LMS).


This module covers the process of measuring the moisture content of soils using the Speedy Moisture test. The module is based on a 26 gram test. It includes:

  • The purpose of the Speedy Moisture test and the equipment used
  • Calcium Carbide Reagent
  • Collecting and weighing soil samples and converting wet readings to dry weight moisture percentages
  • Steps within the Speedy Moisture Test
  • How to determine and record moisture content

The soil sample for the moisture content test will normally come from either the Rubber Balloon or Sand Cone test. Both tests are performed to determine the in-place soil density, so it is recommended learners complete the Rubber Balloon and Sand Cone modules.

Target Audience

Anyone performing inspection on highway construction grading, culvert, or bridge projects; specifically in the area of compaction inspection.

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