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Video Conference

Snow Fences

  • Oct 26, 2017 (9:30 - 12:30 pm CT; 8:30 - 11:30 am MT)
    Video Conference (designated rooms at DOT sites)


REGISTRATION DEADLINE: Thursday, October 12, 2017


This presentation will discuss all things snow fence. Discussion on the basics of snow drifting concepts, designing the right snow fence, snow fence location, temporary, permanent, and living snow fences, installation basics, maintenance and performance monitoring.


Cliff Spoonemore, P.E. - Cliff, is a graduate of the University of Wyoming, College of Engineering. Beginning his 33 year career with the Wyoming Highway Department, later to become WYDOT. His first position was on the construction side of the house as a field inspector. Then transferred into design, and now is in charge of Winter Research on the maintenance side of the house. As a maintenance staff engineer his duties have been greatly extended but his true expertise is in the science of drifting snow and ice mitigation.

Kathy Ahlenius, a Wyoming Professional Geologist, received her BS in Geology from Fort Hays State University, Hays, KS, in the time of the mid 1980’s oil bust. She hired on with the Department of Defense in Louisville, KY as a cartographer and then transferred to Cheyenne to work as a geodetic surveyor a couple years later. She travelled the world doing first order surveys, proof-of-concept work with GPS, and was one of six people in the world qualified to perform absolute gravity surveys. After making her last student loan payment on her geology degree, she was hired by the Wyoming Department of Transportation to work as an engineering field geologist. Seeing an opportunity to get in on the "ground floor", she transferred to the Winter Research Services group in 2005 where she achieved the coveted title of “BS Tech”, or Blowing Snow Technician. That title has since been upgraded to Winter Research Project Analyst.

Target Audience

Designers, maintenance and construction staff who may be involved in snow fence design, construction, maintenance, and selection.

More Info

The above resource and more can be accessed by visiting the TLN Learning Management System (LMS).

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