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Virtual Learning

Bridge Preservation: Development of a Cost-Effective Concrete Bridge Deck Preservation Program

  • Jan 22, 2018 (2:00 - 3:00 pm CT; 1:00 - 2:00 pm MT)
    Virtual Learning (desktop or laptop access)


REGISTRATION DEADLINE: Wednesday, January 17, 2018

The above opportunity and more can be accessed by visiting the TLN Learning Management System (LMS).


This webinar will present the results of research conducted by Purdue University for the Indiana DOT to study various bridge deck crack and surface sealants in an accelerated chloride environment. The deterioration of bridge decks has been identified as a major problem in Indiana. The primary cause of this deterioration is salt water ingress from the application of deicing salts during the winter. Deicing chemicals placed on the road mix with water and enter the deck through cracks and the pore structure of the concrete. This results in corrosion of the reinforcing steel and scaling of the surface, which leads to a shortened bridge deck life and costly deck replacement. The objective of this study was to investigate potentially effective and economic bridge deck preservation methods to significantly extend the service life of bridge decks, and as a result, extend the life of bridge structures in the State of Indiana. The following topics will be presented:

  • Background of Study
  • Testing of Materials and Methods
    • Macrocell creation/concepts/preparation
      • Crack Creation
    • Corrosion identification and monitoring
    • Sealers tested
    • Application of sealers
    • Brine pooling
    • Simulation of traffic
    • Simulation of poor/damaged epoxy coating
    • Testing intervals up to 1600 days
    • Analysis results
    • Recommendations
      • Crack sealants to use
      • Deck sealants to use
      • Field installation advise
    • Commentary on how Indiana DOT responded to study with respect to policy and practices


Dr. Robert J. Frosch is a Professor of Civil Engineering and Associate Dean in the College of Engineering at Purdue University. A fellow of the American Concrete Institute and past member of the Board of Direction, he serves on the ACI 318 Structural Concrete Building Code and is Chair of ACI 318D, the design of structural members. His service on ACI 318 has been recognized through his receipt of the ACI 318 Distinguished Service Award, and his research, which focuses on the design and behavior of structural concrete for both buildings and bridges, has been recognized by the American Concrete Institute through his receipt of the Arthur Boase Award. His research has resulted in changes to the ACI Building Code, AASHTO Design Specifications, as well as DOT practice. Frosch received his BSE, Tulane University, 1991; MSE and Ph.D., University of Texas at Austin 1992 and 1996, respectively.

Target Audience

Bridge staff, asset management staff, specification staff, state highway and local road and street road and street administrative and maintenance staff.

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