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Intelligent Compaction

  • May 16, 2018 (10:00 - 11:30 am CT; 9:00 - 10:30 am MT)
    Webinar (desktop or laptop access)




Adequate and uniform compaction of road materials, such as soils, aggregate bases, or asphalt pavement materials, is one of the most important requirements in roadway construction. It is indispensable to strive for high quality of compaction to ensure long-lasting performance. Intelligent Compaction (IC), which uses modern vibratory rollers equipped with an integrated measurement system, an onboard computer reporting system, Global Positioning System (GPS) based mapping, and optional feedback control, is undergoing its implementation stage to help improve compaction quality control. The FHWA and AASHTO have developed national IC guide specifications. An increasing number of state agencies have also developed their own IC specifications. This presentation will discuss background information, specific on IC systems, transfer of data and setup of controls, mapping, temperature checks, test sections and much more.


Todd Mansell is a technical committee member of IICTG Product Application Specialist, Caterpillar Global Paving Products, USA.

Todd has a civil engineering degree from Lakehead University in Thunder Bay, Canada and a master degree in business & administration from Santa Clara University in California. He has been in the asphalt paving and construction business for over 25 years, working as an asphalt laboratory and field technician, laboratory manager, field inspector, paving quality manager and quality control manager for both government and private employers in both Canada and the United States. Since 2006, Todd has worked closely with the Federal Highway Administration in the U.S. on the development and advancement of intelligent compaction specifications and equipment.

Todd has written articles and developed and delivered several paving and compaction training courses both in the classroom and on the job site. Currently employed by Caterpillar Global Paving based in Maple Grove, Minnesota, Todd prepares and delivers classroom and field training, consulting, conducts field studies and provides job site support for Caterpillar customers worldwide. Todd has a passion for quality paving and for testing new and innovative paving equipment, technology and paving practices. He is an active member in several paving industry associations, committees and task groups including NAPA, AAPT, ISAP, NCAT, CTAA, TRB and IICTG. Personal interests include fishing, woodwork and history.

Target Audience

All transportation professionals seeking to gain knowledge in the innovative topic of Intelligent Compaction

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