Transportation Learning Network

Programming Committee


The TLN Programming Committee is responsible for the following:

  • Propose programming tasks to the board to meet the evolving needs of the universities and departments.
  • Prepare and implement the annual program plan for network use. The plan must be approved by the board.
  • Design, prioritize and manage the annual program plan to provide appropriate scheduled time to support information-sharing opportunities in support of the DOTs and Universities.
  • Provide a continuing communication, programming, scheduling, and coordination link among the member universities, departments and the board.
  • Survey the continuing education and technology transfer needs of the universities and departments and use this information to prepare and update the annual program plan.
  • Conduct and report periodic evaluations of events conducted over the network to the board.
  • Recommend technical or other support required by the board or TLN staff to assist the committee in carrying out its mission.
  • Coordinate and carry out the logistical activities needed to facilitate events provided over the network.