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Video Conference

NDDOT Erosion & Sediment Control on Construction Projects

  • Feb 22, 2012 (9:00 - 4:00 pm CT; 8:00 - 3:00 pm MT)
    Video Conference (designated rooms at DOT sites)


The North Dakota Department of Transportation as owner of transportation facilities has responsibility for ensuring the requirements of the Clean Water Act and associated North Dakota laws are met on construction and maintenance projects. This presentation will cover technical issues as well as the regulatory foundation for erosion and sediment control and pollution prevention with respect to highway construction. The course will give designers and construction inspection staff insights into ensuring compliance with the regulations and interacting with the contractor during construction projects. Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plans (SWPPP’s) will also be presented.

Workshop Learning Objectives:

  • Understanding the regulations governing construction sites
  • Understanding the principles behind erosion and sediment control
  • Reviewing the available Best Management Practices and their installation and maintenance
  • Understanding common problems with Material Source Sites
  • Understanding what should be in a Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plan and how one would apply that information, and handling field adjustment procedures
  • Understanding responsibilities and ramifications for non-compliance
  • Answering some frequently asked questions concerning erosion and sediment control


Matthew Sperry, Environmental Scientist III, Environmental & Transportation Services Division, North Dakota Department of Transportation, is responsible for developing storm water management procedures and training for the NDDOT. He has a Bachelor of Science degree in Aquatic Biology and a Master of Science degree in Biology from Bemidji State University, Bemidji, MN. Prior to coming to NDDOT, he spent 4½ years as an Environmental Specialist with the Missouri Department of Natural Resources conducting storm water inspections and writing storm water and wastewater permits.

Target Audience

North Dakota Department of Transportation staff designing or overseeing erosion and sediment control on NDDOT administered projects, consultants acting on behalf of NDDOT on NDDOT projects, Local Government staff or consultants designing or overseeing erosion or sediment control on projects advanced by NDDOT Local Government Division, and North Dakota DOT maintenance coordinators.

More Info

The above resource and more can be accessed by visiting the TLN Learning Management System (LMS).

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