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Access Management

  • Jan 7, 2014 (2:00 - 4:00 pm CT; 1:00 - 3:00 pm MT)
    Webinar (desktop or laptop access)


All DOT’s are challenged with managing and updating access conditions on their urban and rural corridors. Access management is essential to safe and efficient traffic flow. This webinar will present various points of view on the topic of Access Management. It is intended to give practitioners insights and tools for making access management decisions both prior to and during a project. Three speakers will give perspectives on the topic covering the following areas:

Part 1:

  • History and Benefits and Practices of Access Management
  • General concepts of Access Permitting Processes
  • Access design spacing concepts
  • Access Design – Retrofit options
  • Financing Option
  • Land Use Controls
Part 2:
  • Urban Corridor Access Improvement Project examples
Part 3:
  • Overview of economic research conducted in Minnesota to study economic benefits to traffic flow and resulting impacts to retail sales and property value (example Project I-394 corridor).


Louis Luglio, PE, Stantec Engineering Senior Principal, is accomplished in all aspects of traffic revenue forecasts, parking and toll facility design, travel demand modeling transportation planning, design and access management, including freeway, ramp, weave, intersection and other transportation facility analysis, EIS/EA preparation, financial cost benefit analysis, transportation master planning, access plans and highway access permits. Mr. Luglio has prepared for three State of New Jersey Office of Administrative Law (OAL) hearings and provided testimony as a traffic expert for NJDOT. He was also responsible for the traffic aspects regarding access issues. The judge in one of the OAL hearings wrote "the DOT's expert, Luglio, competently and persuasively testified as to the methodology he used to determine roadway and driveway capacity at various time and his conclusion demonstrated that there would be improvement in the levels of service."

John Hagen, PE, PTOE, Stantec Engineering Senior Project Manager, has over 20 years of diverse traffic engineering and transportation planning experience. His areas of expertise include roadway improvement projects, corridor studies, traffic impact studies, traffic modeling and operations analysis, traffic forecasting, and transportation plans. In addition to his over 15 years consulting engineering experience, John also served as the Assistant City Engineer for the City of Plymouth, Minnesota, and as an engineer for the Southeastern Wisconsin Regional Planning Commission in Waukesha, Wisconsin. John uses his extensive public and private sector experience to provide solutions to difficult issues on projects involving a variety of agencies and stakeholders.

Paul Bilotta, Stantec Engineering Senior Planner, has more than 20 years of experience in private development, economic development, and neighborhood planning around the country including mixed use and Brownfield redevelopment. Paul has spent half of his career as a developer and understands first-hand the complexities of private development. This private development experience informs his plans and provides an increased emphasis on project feasibility and implementation.

Target Audience

Traffic operations staff, urban corridor designers, DOT District and Regional Engineers, county and city planners and roadway superintendents.

More Info

The above resource and more can be accessed by visiting the TLN Learning Management System (LMS).

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