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Video Conference

Noxious Weeds

  • Mar 27, 2012 (9:00 - 12:00 pm CT; 8:00 - 11:00 am MT)
    Video Conference (designated rooms at DOT sites)


This 3 hour training will help you understand noxious weed control requirements, responsibilities and to identify noxious weeds in the tri-state area, update you on the best management techniques for controlling weeds, inform you on best practices for use of pesticides, and where you can get weed seed free mulch.

Topics include:

  • Noxious weed identification and laws – Rachel Seifert-Spilde
  • Noxious weed responsibilities of owners and applicators
  • Weed seed free forage – Jim Hansen
  • Introduction to Weed Mapping- Jim Hansen
  • Integrated Pest Management – Blake Schaan
  • Restrictions for Spraying and Pesticide Safety- Jim Gray and Blake Schaan


Jim Hansen is the GIS Specialist for the department. Hansen has a degree in Geography from UND.

Rachel Seifert-Spilde, Department Noxious Weed Specialist, has degrees in Botany and Biology from NDSU. Seifert-Spilde works with weed boards in education and grant programs.

Jim Gray is the Pesticide, Feed and Fertilizer Director. Gray received his BS in Environmental Studies from Bemidji State University and his MS in Environmental Toxicology from UW-Madison.

Blake Schaan has been in the noxious weed team and now is the Pesticide Enforcement Supervisor. Schaan, a graduate of UND has a farm background with experience in weed control with North Dakota Game and Fish.

More Info

The above resource and more can be accessed by visiting the TLN Learning Management System (LMS).

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