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Tractor Mower Safety Training

  • Mar 27, 2024
    Virtual Learning (desktop/laptop and mobile devices)

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A careful operator is the best operator. This training will get employees up to speed on the most current safety applications, while experienced employees will get a much need refresher course on best practices in operator safety. The Tractor/Mower Operator Safety Training (TMOST) is designed to empower operators to identify potential hazards and to take ownership of their safety and the safety of those around them during the operation of various types of tractor-based mowing equipment. TMOST is intended for operators of tractor mowing equipment including rotary, flail, boom, flex wing, zero turn and riding mowers.

All operators, regardless of experience, will benefit from learning and reinforcing how to manage the common hazards associated with tractor/mower operations. This training will provide operators with the tools they need to be a safe and efficient workforce.


Lynnette Farvour is a dedicated professional with a passion for safety and education in the heavy equipment industry. As the Operator Safety Training Manager at Alamo Group in Seguin, Texas, Lynnette plays a pivotal role in ensuring safe practices and efficient operations for tractor mowers across the USA. Lynnette holds a Bachelor's degree in Education from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, providing her with a strong foundation in instructional methodologies.

Lynnette Farvour is recognized for her unwavering dedication to enhancing safety standards and educational initiatives within the heavy equipment sector. Her role at Alamo Group allows her to make a significant impact by providing comprehensive operator safety training that goes beyond compliance, ensuring a culture of safety excellence.

Target Audience

Maintenance operators responsible for operating tractors with mowing equipment. Equipment decision makers will also benefit from this training. Agency safety officers will benefit from this training.