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Work Zone Safety for Short Term Projects

  • Mar 26, 2024
    Virtual Learning (desktop/laptop and mobile devices)

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ATSSA offers this training course under the OSHA Susan Harwood Grant Program. The course covers strategies and technologies for improving worker safety in temporary traffic control situations. This course covers practices that help to reduce injuries and fatalities in the highway environment. This includes preventing and managing worker exposure to potential risks through a variety of traffic control strategies.

Course lessons include:

  • Introduction to Work Zone Safety
  • Temporary Traffic Control Plans and Features
  • Protective Enhancements and Personal Protective Equipment
  • Safety Technologies

This presentation will not be recorded, handout materials will be provided.

This presentation meets the FHWA Work Zone Safety and Mobility Rule that applies to all State and Local Governments receiving Federal-aid highway funding (reference 23 CFR 630 Subpart J). This presentation is not a certification course. Upon completion of this presentation, participants will receive a Certificate of Completion from TLN. This certificate of completion will be in the participants record on the TLN Learning Management System (LMS). Participants may log in to the LMS and retrieve their certificate to download or print.


Tim Luttrell, PE. is a registered Professional Engineer in the State of Tennessee and the District of Columbia. Prior to his 25-year career at Leidos/SAIC, he worked for the State of Tennessee in developing TDOT's long range planning processes and STIP programs. He currently manages contracts with FHWA on Work Zone Safety, is an ATSSA Master Instructor under the Work Zone Safety Grant Program and performs traffic studies and designs. He has taught hundreds of courses over the past decade for ATSSA, FHWA, the National Highway Institute, and UGPTI's Transportation Learning Network (TLN).

Target Audience

All staff involved in work zone design, set up, inspection/review, and other activities within the work zone. Construction and maintenance staff will benefit greatly from this presentation.