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Snow & Ice Webinar Part 1: Enviroproofing Your Operations with Liquids

  • Nov 7, 2023
    Virtual Learning (desktop/laptop and mobile devices)

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An increasing number of agencies have to adapt their winter maintenance operations because of environmental concerns over chlorides in groundwater, rivers, lakes, and streams. In this session, we will examine how chlorides can impact the environment and then focus on the methods identified as being appropriate to mitigate these impacts. Specifically, these methods are taken from various variance documents that agencies must commit to in their winter maintenance operations. As such, they are to some degree "approved ", and implementing them (if you are not already doing so) will allow you to "enviroproof " your winter maintenance.


Wilfrid "Wilf" Nixon, PhD, Engineering, President of the Professional Snowfighters Association. Executive with 30 years of expertise, which began as a civil engineer, conducting and overseeing research and publishing results related to public works winter operations. Wilf established the PSA to create a practice-based adherence to science as it seeks to improve knowledge and practices for a safe and sustainable winter maintenance community. Wilf has published many papers and conducted extensive research in the field of snow and ice control measures.

Target Audience

All maintenance personnel, environmental staff might have an interest in this topic as well.